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Michael Gable Marynell




Phone: 678-439-5802

Work experience

Storyboards Inc
Storyboard Artist on Roster

Storyboards Inc is a California based company that represent storyboard artist around the world. They represent artist that work on blockbuster films, TV Shows, animation, and commercials.



Storyboard Artist for Film & TV

Raising Dion (2019) series, Netflix, 
Directed by Seith Man, Rachel Goldberg, Neema Barnette

Grobb (2019) short film,  Rite Media, 
Directed by Ryan Monolopolus

Redemption (2019)  short film, 
Directed by Alex Smoot

Through the Glass Darkly (2019) feature film, 
Directed by Lauren Fash

Paradise, FL (2015) feature film, 
Directed by Nick Morgulis

Fart Court (2014) series, Adult Swim, 
Directed by Matthew Harrigan & Matthew Maiellaro

Archangel: From the Winter’s End Chronicles (2014) short film, Reel Cool Entertainment, Directed by Dave Di Pietro

Remnants (2013) feature film, Bug Out Bag Productions
Directed by Tim Szczesniak, Andre Freitas, Chance White, Jared Young, Matthew Young

Storyboard Artist for Commercials

22 Squared
Position: Freelance Storyboard Artist
Responsibilities: Create storyboards (Husky Tools).

Melt Sports & Entertainment
Position: Freelance Motion Designer, Freelance Storyboard Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Freelance 3D Modeler

Responsibilities: Create storyboards, motion graphics animation, 3D Models (Maya/SketchUp), and Illustrations for high end clients such as PGA Tour, NCAA, Bud Lite, Tompson Caterpillar Inc. and Powerade.


Creative &
Technical Skills

Preproduction, Story Development, Pre-visuals

Thumbnails, Storyboards, Animatics and Story

produced through the mediums of 3D, 2D Digital/



Visual Development/Layout

- 2D and 3D Digital/Traditional

- Building 3D models from 2D drawings or freehand.



- 2D and 3D Digital/Traditional


- Photorealism and Stylized



- Merges seperate render layers with live action or

preexisting animated frames, Post lighting, Color

Balance, Tracking, Editing, Sound Design, Matching.


Adobe Creative Suite

Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition,

Bridge, Dreamweaver, Encore, Flash, Media Encoder,



Corel Software

Corel Painter, Corel Draw, Corel Photo Paint, Corel

Trace, Corel Word Perfect


3D Animation/Modeling & Related Software

Autodesk Maya with Pixar Renderman 2.0 Maya

Plugin, Cinema 4D, Z-Brush, Headus UV Layout,



Post Production Software

Apple Shake, NukeX 6.1v1, Adobe After Effects

Operating Systems

Macintosh and Windows

Ringling College of Art and Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Computer Animation

Class of 2011


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